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Verity by sk1ttter Verity by sk1ttter
When one and one are weld between ones and more, and when one's one rivets while slowly roving to the core.
It's when ones and more trample traversely over the softened shore, to turn whats meant to be for nothing less than more.

Copyright Bader Al Banna

Do not reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload in any way without my permission.
djpimpslap22 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
what do you think of this story i wrote? and also my editor kinda messed up

This is the story of Kim Jobber a sweet, nloble, and adorable seventeen year old girl who had no idea idea what would happen in the next week.
It all started out with Kim watching Ed, Edd, n Eddy on her computer while she says wondering, "Hmm, I wonder why Cartoon Network doesn't show good cartoons anymore. Eh, screw it, I might as well just watch this video."
Meanwhile, a couple of guys who call themselves the Screw You Trio were messing with the town's power cable until one of them cut the power support cable which causes a town wide blackout.
When the power goes out, Kim says angrily, "Great, who the **** cut the power support cord this time?"
Kim walks out of her house to see how the blackout was caused but instead finds a piece of clothing on the ground that practically announces that it came from the Screw You Trio.
"Of course it was the Screw You Trio because who else would do this crap? Oh well, I'm sure someone will fix it eventually." Kim says to herself.
Kim walks back to her house and slams the door shut irritably.
One week later the power is fixed and Kim is sitting in her house completely bored.
"D***, I'm soooo bored! There must be something to watch on TV."
Kim walks to the family room to watch television.
She sits down on her chair and says," I wonder what is on TV. I bet there is nothing but crap on it."
Kim flips through the channels looking for something that she wants to watch but finds that she only has two choices on what to do next. She could either watch a marmathon of Family Guy episodes or she could go drive somewhere.
"Well, there is nothing good on TV so I might as well head for the drive-thru," she decides.
Kim gets up from her chair and drives off but then the Screw You Trio opens Kim's door which Kim happened to forget to lock when she left the house. They find the house rather empty and hollow.
Biggy the third, a member of the trio, says, "Man what a craphole this girl lives in! Why don't we see if there is Kim sees footprints on the floor and goes upstairs to follow them.
She gets upstairs and sees the Screw You Trio in her room and says, "What the **** are you guys doing here?!"
The Screw You Trio turn to see Kim and Smag asks, "What now?"
Siast shouts, "One, two, three, sucker punch!", before punching Kim in the stomach.
Biggy and Smag quickly pick up the computer and runaway leaving Kim on the floor.
"D*** it, ****," Kim says while on the floor.
The End! [written by me edited by mynamemattersnot]
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April 27, 2012
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